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Solar Patriot TM


Wholesale Solar Energy Collectors


solar contractors, electricians, plumbers, HVAC mechanical, architects, green builders, electric utilities, state agencies ,
federal agencies for commercial and residential systems.

Affordable Pricing !

High performance solar thermal Solar Patriot tm coaxial vacuum tube collectors for high temperature water heating.


High reliability mono crystalline solar electric collectors for grid tied & off grid RE systems.

BTF Ltd. sells only to contractors and commercial businesses. Must provide a business card and purchase by commercial check.

Please ask us about becoming a factory authorized distributor and obtain credits towards your NABCEP certification.

The 2010 MREA Energy Fair, more than 20,000 atttended.

We also offer engineering design and architectural services built around these fine "Solar Patriot" collectors, such as the 'solar thermal flywheel' concept and single collector DHW systems.

photo: commercial array of solar collectors installed on roofs

Where to meet us in person in 2010

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E Mail: info@ btfsolar.com

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