Affordable Solar Thermosiphon Batch Water Heating

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A 450 watt solar batch semi automatic water heater system.

The thermosiphon convection principle:
hot water rises and mixes with colder water.
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Solar Thermosiphon Collectors are ideal for use in cottages, summer homes and other applications where cheap, reliable hot water supply is needed. Ideal for seasonal use in cold climates for laundry. Can be used all season in warm climates. A very cost effective solution to today's high energy bills for hot water !


Tank Capacity Aperture # vacuum tubes vacuum tube dimensions typical supply hot water /d
~ 17 US gallons 1.05 (11.3 sq ft ) 12 47 mm dia x 1.5 M L 138 deg F / 17 gal

Typical plumbing of solar batch water heater system

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Auto cad drawing of typical batch system design with float valve, dual line. ( requires Adobe Acrobat free reader program installed on your computer ) :

Drawing in PDF of typical drain back system design

Assembly manual in PDF format: Assembly manual for 12 tube batch water heater.

Installation Guide in PDF format: Installation Guide for 12 tube batch water heater.

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