Solar thermal Flywheel

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This is the way it used to be done, a steam engine fires with the stored energy of the sun when oak trees, coal, crude oil are burned.

This steam engine sits in Holland, Michigan on display. It ran the Baker furniture factory from 1905 to 1959. It generated 350 hp, is 15' 3" in diameter and weighs 16,400 lbs.

There is an old kid back on the block------Solar thermal energy can be used to heat and cool your home.

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The Solar Thermal Flywheel Home

This glyph illustrates the fundamental thermal paths to follow when you begin your new solar home plans.

A solar collector array converts the sun's electromagnetic radiation into the infrared. This energy is "heat exchanged" and stored in water, the perfect storage medium.

The idea here is to "collect" soalr energy, especially in the summer months, stored in a very large water tank. Just as the steam engine ( shown above )stored fossil fueled energy in the inertial motion of the very large wheel.

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Installation in Shell Rock, Iowa. Hydronic heating system using annual solar gain as the flywheel for heating the home in background.

Data for 400 locations in US for heating degree days and monthly insolation levels from Radiation Data Manual

Free solar water heating calculator program. Works with MS Excel. Developed by Canadian government. RETscreen solar calculator program.

Design software on CD from: Precision Hydronics Corportation, Neenah, Wisconsin. design software information.

Auto cad drawing of typical system design for radiant hydronic heating ( requires Adobe Acrobat free reader program installed on your computer ) :

Drawing in PDF of typical combined high thermal mass & DHW system design

Drawing in PDF of typical combined hydronic heating & DHW system design with solar storage tanks

We can work with you to design, supply and install a solar thermal "flywheel" for use with high thermal mass, radiant-in-floor heating.

For those in Michigan: visit the Kaufman homestead in Bangor during the October Tour of Solar Homes. See the American Solar Energy website for the entire venue.

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