Solar Gallery of renewable energy projects installed by BTF Ltd

Zero Energy Home
Super efficient home in Bangor, Michigan. Integrates radiant in floor heating, mansonry stove, Solar photovoltaics, wind generator, solar hot water, passive solar.

Thermosiphon batch solar water heater Batch heater on roof.jpg - 23921 Bytes
Solar water heating with vacuum tube heat pipe batch water heater on roof of Oak Grove Sanctuary in Fennville, Michigan.

U S Marine Corps Combat training pool Quantico-1.jpg - 17646 Bytes
A very large flat plate collector array on roof of training pool for all year pool heating. Quantico, Virginia.

Solar hot air system
3 panel solar hot air collectors on roof of workshop, Pullman, Michigan.

Cityside Middle School
1 kW grid tied solar PV array with UniSolar modules installed in Zeeland, Michigan.

Pearl Alternative High School
First photovoltaic grid tied PV system in west Michigan at the Pearl alternative High School.

Solar Cooking
Solar cooking class at Alternative High School. Cooker on left is cast concrete village design from article published in Home Power magazine.
Tilt tower wind generator wind.jpg - 22213 Bytes
A tilt up tower at 82 ft at the Kaufman house using Whisper H80 wind generator, Bangor, Michigan.

"the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..."
10 kW Bergey about to fly in Iowa

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