System designs

  • Habitat Solar Humanity---solar heating a Habitat home in cold climate-------Habitat for Humanity

  • Solar domestic hot water packages & references -----solar domestic hot water

  • High performane LED lighting------white LED lights

  • Solarium hydronic heating / DHW-------combined heating of green house solarium & domestic hot water supply

  • Solar Hot Tub--------using solar thermal collector with Hot Tubs

  • Solar Room Space Heating----- Wall mounted solar collector for room radiant space heating

  • Solar thermal "Flywheel" ----solar thermal flywheel

  • Combined radiant floor heating--------combined radiant floor heating & DHW.

  • Solar electric -----photovoltaics

  • Small scale wind power---wind energy

  • Comparison with flat plate collectors----comparison to flat plate collectors

  • The good, the bad & the ugly----what really flies...

  • "Sunflower, Our Passive Solar Home"---Kaufman homestead in Bangor, MI

  • Solar hot water photo gallery of system installations--- photo gallery of installations

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